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Special Needs Planning

Will siblings be able to help out? Who should be trustee for a special needs Trust, a highly responsible role with sole discretion to disburse its funds? What about successor trustees when the original trustee is no longer willing or able to perform their demanding duties?


Who would you consider to be a special needs beneficiary? The obvious would be children with autism, cerebral palsy or diminished capacity.  Included in this category could be children who suffered traumatic brain injury through an accident or in the military; beneficiaries who are suffering through alcoholism or drug addiction and are currently receiving government benefits. 


The Law Office of Sandra N. Busell will assist in Identifying government benefits for which the person may be eligible, work with a financial planner for supplementing publicly provided services and prepare a Special Needs Trust (SNT) if it means tested government benefits will be required. A Special Needs Trust (SNT) is a type of fund for disabled individuals. It allows parents, family members, or a caregiver to contribute funds to a Trust to be established for the benefit of their special needs child without jeopardizing the child’s eligibility for programs like Medicaid or SSI in the future.

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